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Online Water Safety Audit 2014 - Due 31st December 2014

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Dear Club Rowing Safety Adviser,

As you will be aware, the Club Water Safety Audit is a recognised part of your affiliation and, as such, it must be completed and submitted on line no later than 31st December 2014. If there are legitimate reasons for not being able to achieve this, then it is essential your Regional Rowing Safety Adviser is informed as soon as possible before the deadline.

The content of the audit this year is similar to that last year and based on Row Safe.

The audit should be used by all clubs to determine the actions they need to take in 2014 to close any gaps.

The Gap-Analysis / Action Plan document is available online at:

Once your Audit is received, your Regional Rowing Safety Adviser will, where necessary, be in a position to respond and advise.

If your Gap-Analysis Audit is to be of benefit to your club, it should be an honest statement of your present position and practices; it is not a test to pass or fail. For those clubs who are presently using the Gap-Analysis / Action Plan document it should reflect your club's present position with your Action Plan. For others it will be an opportunity to start the process.

Please note, if you do not submit your audit or it is not accepted by your RRSA by the due date, your club will be automatically suspended from entering competitions from 1st January 2015.

Stephen Worley - Honorary Rowing Safety Advisor, Clive Pendry - Chairman of the Rowing Safety Committee
September 2014

If you wish to prepare you answers on a paper copy first, a pdf to print can be found here. Please note, however, that you must still submit your water safety audit online. You may resume the audit at any point after you have started, by logging on to the Water Safety Audit system, and going to your dashboard.